Skills can be upgraded in the white room by spending Skill Points. New skills can be unlocked and spells replaced with new ones by spending gems at the Mia Vendor. Replacement spells can only replace a spell of the same level.

Two Skill Points are earned per level up. To upgrade a skill requires the same number of Skill Points as the level of skill to be attained.


Unarmed Combat, Sword Skills, Spear Skills, Pole Skills, Shooting, Throwing.


Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Support Magic, Summon Magic, Healing Magic.

Each Skill Level in a branch of magic unlocks four spells. Each additional level unlocked strengthens existing spells, for instance lengthening duration, increasing potency, and strengthening familiars.

With the exception of familiars, all spells require the same number of MP as the level of the spell. Familiars require the same amount of MP as the level of spell squared, and the caster's maximum MP is reduced by that amount until the familiar dies or the caster sends them away.


Physical, Movement, Detection, Music.


Shield Skill.

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8 Rank 9
Weapons Attack Skills Unarmed Combat Skills
Sword Skills
Spear Skills
Pole Skills
Shooting Skills
Throwing Skills
Magic Skills Earth Magic Skills

▪Rock Bullet

▪Resist Earth

▪Earth Pit

▪Stone Blast ▪Stone Bind

▪Rock Fall

▪Vibration Sense

Water Magic Skills


▪Poison Needle

▪Ice Film


▪Resist Water

▪Acid Burst

▪Ice Sword

▪Breathe Water

Fire Magic Skills

▪Fire Bullet

▪Light Fire



▪Fire Arrow

▪Ghost Fire

▪Flame Sword

▪Resist Fire

▪Fire Bomb

▪Fire Bound

▪Fire Heal

Wind Magic Skills


▪Sleeping Song

▪Air Blast

▪Soft Landing

▪Silent Field

▪Sonic Edge

▪Resist Wind



▪Dark Sphere


▪Poison Smog

▪Wind Walk

▪Lightning Arrow

▪Shape Lightning 

Support Magic Skills

▪Mighty Arm

▪Physical Up

▪Clear Mind

▪Keen Weapon

▪Blood Attraction 


▪Alert Territory 

▪Remote Viewing



▪See Invisibility 

▪Resist All

▪Hard Weapon

▪Hard Armor

▪Repel Sphere 

▪Night Vision

▪Extend Spell

▪Deflection Spell

Summon Magic Skills

▪Summon Raven

▪Summon Water

▪Summon Caulron

▪Summon Puppet Golem

▪Summon Cloth

▪Summon Floating Lantern

▪Summon Wolf

▪Cure Familiar 

▪Summon Soldier

▪Summon Armor

▪Summon Elemental 


▪Summon Armor

▪Sommon Griffon

▪Summon Iron Golem


▪Summoning Circle

▪Summon Centaur

▪Summon Servant Team

▪Summon Feast and Set

▪Summon Siege Engine

Healing Magic Skills


Other Skills Physical Skills
Movement Skills
Detection Skills
Music Skills


When using magic you have to concentrate your attention.

Support Magic SkillsEdit

  • Rank 1 : 
    • Mighty Arm : Make the arm stronger

Summon Magic SkillsEdit

  • Rank 1 :
    • Summon Raven : The space distorts and a crow appears. The summoned creature understand basic command like search for enemy and the summoner can understand the answerthat the creature give for these command like for exemple the number and position of enemies.