Kaya Kazuhisa is the main character of the series. His skills are support & summoners magic.

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Black hair and black eyes.

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Shimozono Arisu Edit

Kaya Kazuhisa saved her from being raped and killed by an Orc. After that they formed a party and tried saving more people from their school. During the rescue of other classmates, an Elite Orc appeared and Arisu had no way of escaping, although in the last moment Kaya Kazuhisa leveled up and they entered the white room together. Kaya realized that he was in love with Arisu and couldn't let her die. She confessed her love to him and he responded with a kiss. After the victory over the Elite Orc, they entered the white room again. While being in the white room they confessed their love for eachother again, kissed and even had sex.

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